The Veronelli family residence is situated in the historic centre of Pusiano in a big courtyard where other families live, very close to the lake. The family is made up of 5 people -the father who is a doctor, the mother, a physiotherapist and 3 sons.
The house has recently been extended following the renovation of a wing that has not been used for many years allowing for some rooms to be made available for the welcome of guests.


Leon d'Oro (golden lion) is the name of the original hotel that was situated in the courtyard. Its existence is documented between 1760 and the end of the XIX century during the period of maximum splendour of the nearby Beauharnais Palace (XV - XIX century) built by the Marquises Carpani and now a place of cultural and didactic activities and town hall of Pusiano. Between 1805 and 1814 Viceroy Eugenio Beauharnais completed the realization of the Italian garden, which is still preserved today.
The wrought iron sign of the old hotel has been preserved and hangs above the front of the Bed & Breakfast. It has been used in the Bed & Breakfast's logo.
The name LEON D'ORO (Golden Lion) was chosen to recreate the connection with the tradition of the residence's hospitality.

Short description


There is accomodation for 6 people in double rooms with Living-room private or shared facilities, with the possibility of an indipendent entrance; an extra bed can be provided for families if necessary.


A continental breakfast is served in a big and bright hall or in the friendly living room.

We speak English and French.


We organize fitness weeks and nordic walking course.


Steve Earle & The Dukes30/5/2018:

Il 4 luglio nel Parco del Palazzo Comunale un'anteprima al Buscadero Day 2018

Buscadero Day 201830/5/2018:

Il 21 e 22 luglio a Pusiano come ogni anno arriveranno artisti da tutto il mondo per la maratona di musica rock

Sconti per prenotazioni dirette25/2/2018:

Fino al 16 Marzo 2018 per prenotazioni effettuate direttamente a noi per telefono o mail, applicheremo uno sconto del 10%.  

video Leon d'Oro9/1/2018:

Musiche Folk nel Cortile del Leon d'Oro30/5/2018:

Il  gruppo musicale "Lo Stivale che Sona" ha scelto il cortile storico del B&B Leon d'Oro per le con riprese  durante il concerto


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